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8视界 Channel 8 News 焦点 | 台湾创新科技 放眼东南亚



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台灣IoT新創團隊FOX-TECH 成立18個月拓展業務至24國



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Meet SparkLabs Taipei’s Toughest Duo From Batch One


How they transformed their passion into a successful enterprise The world of startup business and entrepreneurship is harsh and brutally competitive. Companies often encounter hurdles from right out of the gate such as financing, technical knowledge, marketing, and government regulation. Because of this, it’s no surprise why 90% of startup businesses fail. Luckily, accelerator programs such as SparkLabs Taipei exist to offer solutions to these issues. We sat down with Sonic Wang (CEO) and Yadia Colindres (COO), co-founders of FOX-TECH to speak about their experience during the four-month accelerator program at Taiwan Tech Arena.

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TTA’s Partner – SparkLabs Taipei Holds DemoDay1


Taiwan Tech Arena’s (TTA) partner accelerator SparkLabs Taipei held DemoDay1 and invited five TTA startups and two international startups to showcase their products and technologies and connect with more than a hundred potential partners, investors, and markets. Dr. Liang-Gee, Chen, the Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) stated:” We appreciate that SparkLabs Taipei introduces substantial resources for startups. TTA acts as a platform connecting startups, accelerators, VCs, and partner ventures; we look forward to seeing Taiwanese startups successful in world”..

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他成立新創做智慧鎖頭 七國搶著要



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